jenrgw Wisconsin Ban on Texting and Driving To Take Effect Next Week

On December 1, 2010 Wisconsin will join the majority of states that already have laws banning drivers from text messaging while driving.

If you will be driving in Wisconsin, here is what you need to know:

  • Penalties for first time offenders include fines of $20 – $400 and four points on your driving record.
  • The financial penalty for second time offenders goes up to $200 – $800.
  • Texting and driving will be a primary offense in Wisconsin. That means that an officer can pull you over and ticket you for texting and driving even if you are not doing anything else that violates the law.
  • State Police have told reporters that drivers should expect the law to be enforced immediately on December 1 and that the customary 30 day warning period before enforcement may not be done with this law.

As we’ve seen in other states, laws banning texting and driving are good first steps toward preventing distracted driving accidents.  However, other steps including enforcement of those laws and drivers’ commitments to put down their phones are also necessary to save lives.

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