jenrgw Will You Take the AAA Challenge? It is Not Too Late to Make Your 2012 Resolutions

This year AAA and the AAA Foundation are challenging drivers to make a New Year’s Resolution to drive more safely in 2012. As many government officials rightly claim, traffic deaths are at a 60 year low. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety President and CEO Peter Kissinger reminds us that even at that 60 year low, someone is dying every 16 minutes in a traffic related accident.

That is too many people. Too many lives lost. Too many people left to grieve preventable deaths.

Ultimately, preventing accidents is a personal responsibility. Will you take the AAA challenge and include driving safely in your 2012 New Year’s resolutions? Will you take our pledge and tell us what actions you will take to prevent distracted driving accidents?

We hope that you will participate and help protect yourself and others from needless deaths during 2012 and beyond.

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