jenrgw Will the Pennsylvania Turnpike be the Text Free Turnpike?

When the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened on October 1, 1940 drivers faced very different risks than they do today.  Accordingly, as the Pennsylvania Turnpike celebrated its 70th birthday last week, the Turnpike CEO decided to celebrate by “declaring America’s First Super Highway the ‘Text-Free Turnpike…”  Mr. Brimmeier  went on to say “We’re sending a strong message to travelers: Quit texting on the Turnpike, and keep your thumbs on the wheel.”

According to Pennsylvania statistics there have been at least 93 distracted driving accidents on the Pennsylvania Turnpike alone so far in 2010.

The Turnpike Commission is trying to combat the problem of distracted driving by launching a public safety awareness campaign with the State Police, AAA and others.  Additionally, as of tomorrow the approximately 2,000 Turnpike employees will no longer be allowed to text or e-mail while driving for work.

Will these efforts be enough?  Will we see you fewer distracted driving accidents on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 2011?  What do you think?

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