jenrgw Will the North Dakota Ban on Texting and Driving be Good Law?

Last week the North Dakota House of Representatives passed a bill to ban texting and driving.  If the bill becomes a law, drivers found to be texting and driving would be subject to fines of $100 and 2 points on their licenses for the first offense.  A second offense could bring 4 points on a license.  At 6 points, you could lose your license in North Dakota.  Minors would immediately receive license suspensions for the first texting and driving offense.

The bill faces opposition from two groups of lawmakers, however.  Some believe that the penalties are too strict and would like the bill revised to impose lesser penalties for texting and driving.  Others believe that the bill is too narrow and only combats one type of distracted driving – texting and driving.

What do you think?  Is the North Dakota bill adequate to protect people from distracted driving accidents or would you like to see it amended?

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