jenrgw Will Connecticut Take Distracted Driving Penalties One Step Further?

On Monday we talked about proposed legislation in Connecticut that would strengthen the penalties for distracted driving. Now, there is talk among state legislators about going one step further.

State legislators are considering whether to propose a bill that would not just increase the fines associated with distracted driving but impose more significant penalties.  Specifically, Senator Antonietta Boucher, a Republican from Wilton, is suggesting that perhaps legislation should be introduced that would allow the police to take the phone from a driver who is caught breaking the distracted driving law for the second or third time.  Senator Frank Nicastro Sr, a Democrat from Bristol, is suggesting that legislation be proposed that would cause a repeat distracted driver to lose his or her license.

We will continue to monitor any proposed distracted driving legislation in Connecticut to see if new laws are passed in the fight against distracted driving.

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