jenrgw Who Should Pay for Distracted Driving Accidents?

A recent letter in the Wall Street Journal has gotten people talking. The letter suggested that insurers stop paying for injuries and property damage caused by drivers who text and drive. It suggested that the potential economic liability could be enough to deter drivers from this dangerous practice.

At first glance, the proposal seems interesting. Maybe a few cases like that would scare people into putting down their cell phones. However, a compelling argument is also made by many other people, including those in the insurance industry. They argue that insurance is there to protect drivers and those whom they hurt even when the driver is careless or breaks the law. However, some drivers who drink and drive, text and drive, or engage in other dangerous driving behavior may be required to pay more in insurance premiums or have their insurance revoked.

What do you think? Is this proposal one that could decrease the number of distracted driving accidents or will it create more problems? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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