jenrgw Which One of These Things is Different Than the Rest?

It used to be that cars came standard with radios.  Then cars had radios and cassette players.  Then came radios and CD players.  And now….well, now the technology choices seem endless.  Your car may have all of the above, plus:

  • A DVD Player;
  • Wi-Fi; and
  • An MP3 Player Dock

DVD players, even if meant only for passengers can be distracting to drivers.  Drivers may get caught up listening to the story playing out on the screen or trying to see the screen. Wi-Fi, of course, poses risks that are similar to using a cell phone while driving.  The endless options of the internet and typing on a wireless device can divert the driver’s attention from driving. 

However, if used correctly, an MP3 player may be different than other types of technology.  MP3 players allow drivers to set playlists before they begin driving so that they are no longer changing the radio station or sorting through CD cases when they should be paying attention to the road.

Of course, MP3s are only different from other types of technology if drivers use them correctly and refrain from driving distractions.

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