jenrgw What is the Right Way to Fight Distracted Driving?

An Illinois State Senator is proposing a new law and a new way to fight distracted driving in his state. Senator John Millner is proposing that distracted driving laws focus not on the specific activity to be banned but rather on the consequences of distracted driving. For example, under Senator Millner’s proposal it would not be illegal to text and drive in Illinois. However, a person who causes an accident because of texting and driving could be cited for distracted driving.

Mr. Millner’s approach, he contends, allows each driver to decide what activities he or she can safely do while driving. He argues that some drivers may be able to safely talk on the phone while driving and that others may not, for example, and that a distracted driving law that prohibits everyone from talking and driving is unfair and unnecessary.

What do you think of this approach? Would you feel safe driving on Illinois roads if this law passed?

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