jenrgw What is the Best Way to End Distracted Driving?

Many research studies and news articles claim to have found a great way to end distracted driving. A study or story may, for example, claim that the answer to preventing future distracted driving accidents is creating more laws banning cell phone use while driving, or increasing the penalties for using a cell phone and driving or improving enforcement of existing laws, or even education. Most of these studies or stories are basing their conclusions on what they believe to be solid evidence supporting their point of view.

However, what if distracted driving were fought on all fronts? Why chose between new laws, law enforcement and education, for example? Why not use all of these methods to fight distracted driving without arguing about which method is most effective.

Distracted driving is a complicated problem that is difficult to fight. Perhaps, a mixture of different methods is the way to end the fight and protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others from the dangers of distracted driving.

Will you pledge to end distracted driving today? Please let us know how you plan to join the fight and prevent future distracted driving accidents.

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