jenrgw Washington DC Distracted Driving Survey Results are Out

A new survey of drivers in the Washington D.C. region yielded some good news this year. In the third annual survey of its kind, drivers are reportedly less distracted than they were a year ago. The AAA survey found that talking on a handheld cell phone while driving fell from 33% of surveyed drivers last year to 22% of surveyed drivers this year. Additionally, the number of drivers using a cell phone in any way while driving fell from 81% last year to 66% this year.

Many of the people surveyed report that they changed their behaviors because of public awareness campaigns or information about ending distracted driving that they received at work.

Still about 50% of surveyed drivers admit to responding to a text or answering a phone call while driving during the past week. Therefore, there is work that remains to be done to prevent future distracted driving crashes.

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