jenrgw Top Ten Driving Distractions

We’ve all heard the statistics.  Travelling by car is more dangerous than flying in a plane.  It is more dangerous than taking the train. It is more dangerous than many other activities that we consider risky.

The question is why.  Why is driving so dangerous?

Often, it is drivers who make travelling by car dangerous.  Below, are 10 things drivers do that put themselves, and others, at risk of injury.

  1. Text and drive.  The most notorious of distracted driving activities – and with good reason.  You need your eyes, your hands, and your mind to text.  You also need them to drive.  You can’t do both safely at the same time.
  2. Check e-mail, update Facebook, or surf the internet and drive.  Just as you can’t safely text and drive, you can’t safely use the internet and drive.
  3. Talk on the cell phone and drive.  Whether or not you use a wireless headset, the conversation is distracting you from driving safely.  Wait until you are done driving to talk.
  4. Eat and drive.  If you’re hungry, pull over.  Keep your hands on the wheel, not your snacks.
  5. Attend to passengers and drive.  Don’t fight with your partner, hand snacks to your child, or play a game with your friend while you drive.  It could be deadly.
  6. Apply make up, shave or otherwise groom and drive.  Groom yourself before or after you drive, not while you drive.
  7. Read and drive.  Whether you are focused on the billboard in front of you, the map on your lap, or notes for your next meeting, you cannot safely read and drive.
  8. Write and drive.  This may seem obvious but even jotting down a quick note diverts your hands from the wheel, your eyes from the road and your attention from driving safely.
  9. Change music and drive.  The radio, MP3 players and CD players are common in cars – yet focusing on the music and changing it while driving is a distraction that can be dangerous.
  10. Use a GPS and drive.  This one may come as a surprise.  After all, if you can’t read a map and drive, shouldn’t a GPS be safer?  Maybe, if it is programmed before you start driving and you don’t follow the directions without considering the consequences.  For example, if your GPS tells you to go the wrong way down a one way street – don’t do it.

There are many ways distracted drivers can cause accidents and injuries.  These 10 seem to be common.  Please leave us a comment with other types of distracted driving that you think are dangerous and deserving of public awareness.

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