jenrgw The Story of a Tennessee Family

Last August, a Tennessee family learned the importance a few seconds can make when you are driving a car.  Jeremy McElroy was driving his car on Highway 70 with his son in the passenger seat and his wife and other son following in another car.  Another driver crossed the center line of the road and crashed into Mr. McElroy’s car.

Mr. McElroy suffered serious injuries including a broken pelvis, hip and sciatic nerve damage.  He has not yet returned to work.  His home has been outfitted with a ramp and other modifications.  His whole life and the lives of his wife and sons have been changed.

The cause of the accident that is listed on the police report is cell phone as a distraction.

The McElroys tell their story so that others may learn about the consequences of distracted driving before they have to live with the consequences of distracted driving.

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