jenrgw Significant Change in New York Distracted Driving Tickets

Last year a tougher New York distracted driving law went into effect. The new law made texting and driving a primary offense and the results of the primary enforcement law are starting to become apparent. Yet, while police are ticketing drivers more frequently for some behaviors, there has been a drop in tickets for other distracted driving behaviors.


• In 2011, 7,495 tickets were issued for texting while driving in New York. In 2010 3,248 tickets were issued for texting and driving.
• In 2011, 111,262 tickets were issued for using a handheld device while driving. That is down substantially from the 332,000 tickets issued in 2010.

Distracted driving accident statistics for 2011 are not yet available. Perhaps, that will be the best measure of how well distracted driving laws are performing.

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