Joel Feldman Should Oklahomas Distracted Driving Law Mention Texting?

 I have represented accident victims, and the families of those killed in highway accidents, for many years.   I have seen fatal accidents caused by drivers who were intoxicated, by drivers who were talking on the cell phone and smoking a cigarette or drinking a beverage at the same time, by drivers who were looking away from the road at a cute girl in tight jeans, and by drivers who were reaching across the passenger seat for a drink. 

All these accidents were preventable.

All these accidents were caused by drivers whose attention was not focused on driving. 

Oklahoma recently passed legislation to protect its citizens from the dangers of distracted driving.  The law focuses on whether the driver was distracted or not as opposed to the specific cause of the distraction and allows a police officer to issues citations when observing that a vehicle is driven in a manner that poses “an articulable danger” to others.

Specifically, the Oklahoma law requires all drivers to “devote their full time and attention” to driving.  Drivers who do not may be pulled over by the police and ticketed.

Would you make a commitment not to drive while distracted?  Does your commitment extend beyond texting and talking on your cell phone?  Make a personal pledge to stop distracted driving on our website and let us know.

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