Reducing Distracted Driving

State legislators, law enforcement officials, safety officials and local city commissioners across the country continue to debate distracted driving and what can be done to reduce or eliminate it.

Scottsboro, Arizona’s commissioners are looking at what legislation should be passed. Like a growing number of other municipalities, Scottsboro has elected not to try to legislate against texting and driving but rather any conduct that evidences an inability to safely operate an automobile in their city. This approach makes sense to me as there are numerous activities, in addition to texting, that place us all at risk on the highways. Every week I receive calls from victims of distracted driving wanting to hire an attorney to help them get their medical bills paid, wage loss or payments for continuing physical limitations.

With enough attention focused on the dangers of distracted driving, including legislation, awareness should be raised so that we will all think carefully before doing anything other than driving when we are behind the wheels of our cars.

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