Joel Feldman How does one prevent distracted driving from texting and cell phone use?

There has been a lot of attention focused on legislation to prohibit dangerous practices like texting and cell phone use when driving. Deadly tractor trailer, bus crashes and automobile crashes which are attributable to these dangerous driving practices are occurring with alarming frequency. How strict should the laws be and how can we make drivers understand just how dangerous these practices really are?

What can we do to change driver’s behaviors to make our roadways safer?

According to  John Fischer, CEO and president of Try Safety First Inc,  don’t leave it up to the judgment and common sense of drivers but instead install a device in the car that prevents texting and cell phone use while a car is in motion. His company has developed a device known as a n Owner Compliance Key that would disable cell phone use within one meter of the driver’s seat so it would allow passengers to use those devices even when the car is in motion. Try Safety First Inc. – a Marietta, Ga.-based company formed in 2008 – is seeking a Congressional mandate which would require manufacturers to install an Owner Compliance Key in every phone they produce.

This would be similar to some GPS systems that will not operate while the car is in motion.

Given the difficulties passing even some states  texting and hands free only cell phone laws this seems like a long shot.

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