jenrgw Pennsylvania Tries Again for State Distracted Driving Law

For the past six years, Pennsylvania lawmakers have proposed, debated and failed to pass distracted driving legislation. Could that be about to change?

Currently, there are two bills pending in the House of Representatives that could be sent to the Senate for a vote soon. One bill would ban texting and driving. The other bill would ban drivers under age 18 from using a cell phone at all and would ban drivers over the age of 18 from using hand held cell phones.

The bill which would ban texting and driving has been changed from its original wording to be acceptable to more lawmakers. If this bill is passed texting and driving would become a secondary offense in Pennsylvania meaning that a driver could only be cited for texting and driving if he or she was pulled over for a primary offense.

A vote on the second bill is thought to be unlikely in the next few weeks.

What do you think of the Pennsylvania distracted driving legislation? Will it result in meaningful change in the state if it is passed and signed into law?

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