jenrgw Pennsylvania Tries Again

Once again, a distracted driving bill was before the Pennsylvania House Transportation Committee last week.  Once again, it failed to get the votes needed to go to the full House.

The bill, which has been criticized for being overly broad, would have fined a driver for distracted driving.  For purposes of this bill, distracted driving was defined as careless driving while the driver is using a radio, recording or playback device, telephone device, citizens band radio, television, computer, or any other device.  It also included grooming, eating food and reading any electronic or printed material, such as cell phone texts, as prohibited types of distracted driving.

The State Police and Department of Transportation expressed concerns about the bill because, as written, the bill would not make distracted driving a primary offense. In other words, a driver could only be pulled over and ticketed if the driver was found to have committed another offense for which the police had the authority to pull the driver over.

Of course, since the bill failed to get the necessary vote to go the full House, it will not become law.  At least not now.  We will continue to watch Pennsylvania closely and to monitor any future proposed distracted driving laws.

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