jenrgw OSHA Introduces New Distracted Driving Initiative

The leading cause of work related fatalities in the United States is motor vehicle accidents.  In an effort to decrease the number of work related accident deaths, OSHA recently announced a new Distracted Driving Initiative.

The Initiative prohibits employers from having any policies that require, or even encourage, workers to text and drive.  Any employer that maintains policies that promote texting and driving may find itself subject to an OSHA fine or other enforcement action.  OSHA will also investigate any credible complaints that an employer is requiring or encouraging an employee to text and drive and issue citations and penalties as appropriate.

As authority for the initiative, OSHA cites the Occupational Health and Safety Act which requires employers to provide a workplace free of serious recognized hazards.  OSHA explains that texting while driving is both a serious and a recognized hazard.

For more information about this initiative, please click here

As an employer, we invite you to tell us how you will prevent your employees from texting while driving by making your pledge to end distracted driving.

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