jenrgw New Tool in Fight Against Distracted Driving

For the past fifteen years an anti-distracted driving technology has been available to employers of commercial drivers so that employers could monitor the activities of their employers. Last week, CellControl, the manufacturer of the product announced that it will soon be available for private use.

The technology allows an administrator, who may be a driver or a parent of a teen driver, to limit what can be done with a cell phone while that cell phone is in a specific car. The rules set by the administrator may include turning off texting, restricting internet use, or disabling applications or camera functions, for example. If any attempt is made to change the rules a text or email is sent to the administrator to alert them of the change. This could be useful to parents who are trying to limit their teens from using cell phones while driving.

Is this a device that you would purchase? Do you think it will be useful in the fight against distracted driving? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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