jenrgw New Distracted Driving Regulations Proposed by U.S. Government

Last Thursday, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced the latest move by the federal government to end distracted driving accidents.

The move, in the form of proposed federal regulations, would require auto manufacturers to make it impossible for drivers to do the following while a car is in motion:

• Dial a 10 digit phone number.
• Send or read text messages.
• Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
• Enter information into GPS systems.
• Type more than 30 characters unrelated to driving.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has not yet replied to the specific proposed regulations, but has publicly stated that it is committed to safety and to helping in the fight against distracted driving.

Hearings about the proposed regulations are currently scheduled for March 2012 in Washington D.C., Chicago and Los Angeles.

What do you think about the proposed regulations? Will you take a pledge to end distracted driving by voluntarily agreeing to one or more of the proposals today?

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