Joel Feldman Liability for Distracted Driving Accidents caused By Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle accidents, those cause by tractor trailers, dump trucks and other rented vehicles can result in incredible devastation. We have represented many families for the deaths of loved ones on the highways where the cause was one or more commercial drivers driving while distracted. Drivers who work too many hours and fall asleep, drivers using cell phones and drivers trying to make tight schedules and driving too fast or too fast for conditions have cause interstate pileups resulting in may deaths and terrible injuries.

These accidents have resulted in lawsuits where millions and millions of dollars have been awarded to family members and against commercial vehicle owners. I have firmly believed that lawsuits do have a positive result and do make those responsible change their behaviors. There seems to be a trend in that direction as commercial vehicle owners, including those that own fleets of vehicles, are now taking steps to prevent their drivers from using cell phones while the vehicle is in motion. Some are installing specific software that disables cell phones while the vehicle is moving thus preventing distracted driving. For information from a manufacturer of that software go to

Liability and lawsuits for deaths caused by distracted driving is causing commercial vehicle owners to do something to prevent distracted driving. 

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