jenrgw Lehigh Valley Health Network Distracted Driving Programs Sees Some Success

Doctors from Lehigh Valley Health Network are looking to decrease the number of patients whom they treat.  Specifically, the doctors are looking to prevent teenage drivers from talking on a cell phone or texting while driving because they are unhappy with continually treating injured teens and having to tell them, and their parents, how seriously the injuries will affect them.

Since the program began last October, the doctors have been talking to 10th – 12th graders at local high schools about the risks of distracted driving and showing a convincing film about the dangers presented by distracted driving.

A survey by the doctors has found that as long as four months after teens attend the program their driving habits remain changed and distracted driving decreases by 74%.

We wish the team of doctors from Lehigh Valley Health Network continued success in their endeavor to protect teen drivers, and their loved ones, from tragedy.

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