jenrgw Is Using a Cell Phone While Driving Socially Acceptable?

In many circles and for many people, using a cell phone while driving may be not only socially acceptable but also seen as necessary. There is an unspoken pressure in today’s society to respond immediately. Cell phones, tablet computers, smart phones and other gadgets allow us to be instantly available wherever we are – even if we are behind the wheel of a car.

The tides of social acceptance may finally be turning as more states develop and enforce laws prohibiting using a cell phone while driving and as more employers develop policies that prohibit using a cell phone while driving.

These are good first steps. However, ultimately the entire culture of instant access and instant reply, even when one is behind the wheel, must be changed. People who answer the phone or text while driving should be seen in the same light as drunk drivers. Then, perhaps, we will start to see meaningful change in the fight against distracted driving.

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