jenrgw Is the Fight Against Distracted Driving Getting Harder?

Distracted driving did not start with the invention of cell phones. It started with the invention of cars. Drivers have always faced distractions from passengers, from things in the car, from things outside the car and even from their own thoughts.

It seems, however, that as technology advances so too do the distractions facing motorists. For example, French drivers will soon be able to brew a cup of espresso while driving. The espresso machine plugs right into a car’s cigarette lighter and allows drivers to brew, and presumably to fix their espresso to their liking, and drink it while it is steaming hot – all while driving.

There is not yet a release date scheduled for the car making espresso machine in the United States. Should there be one or do you think it is an unnecessary and dangerous distraction? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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