jenrgw Is it Safe to Use a Cell Phone and Drive?

According to the National Safety Council, the answer may be no. Scientists have found that people cannot multitask and do multiple tasks as well together as they could individually.

Science Suggests That Humans Cannot Safely Drive While Using Cell Phones

In one study, researchers at Carnegie Mellon took MRIs of study participants’ brains while they were on driving simulators and listening to cell phones. The MRIs revealed that there was less activity in the parts of the brain used for vision, navigation and judging distance while the participants were listening to a cell phone conversation and driving.

All Cell Phone Use While Driving Can Be Dangerous

Scientists encourage drivers to remember that it is not just holding a cell phone in your hand that may be dangerous. Drivers who are engaging in conversations on hands free cell phones may also be distracted from driving safely.

Accidents may result. Accordingly, many scientists and experts would like to see all use of cell phones banned by drivers, just as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended last week.

Will you pledge to stop using your cell phone while driving? If so, please let us, and others, know that you are making a commitment and doing your part to prevent distracted driving accidents.

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