jenrgw Is Distracted Driving the New DUI?

The NTSB has issued its final report nearly a year after the fatal Philadelphia duck tour crash that killed 2 students on the Delaware River last July.  According to the report, talking on a cell phone and texting were causes of this tragic accident. 

As members of the NTSB met to discuss this specific tragedy, they took the opportunity to inform the public that there will continue to be an increase in fatal accidents caused by drivers of cars, trucks, boats and trains who use cell phones for talking, texting and or surfing internet unless something is done to stop the behavior.

At least one NTSB member believes that the change will happen when society begins to view distracted driving as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving. 

If you are committed to joining the fight against distracted driving then please pledge your support here and let others know of your commitment.

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