jenrgw Is Distracted Driving a Political Issue?

It is hard to argue with the logic – or the statistics.  Distracted driving causes accidents.  Texting and driving, talking on a cell phone while driving, and other distractions hurt and kill people every year.

The debate is about what should be done to combat the problem.  Many Democrats seem to be in favor of further federal legislation and policies that would fight distracted driving.  However, Republicans seem split on the issue.  Some, like MSNBC’s conservative host Joe Scarborough  seem to favor federal distracted driving laws even though they are in favor of small government.  Other conservatives seem to believe that the federal government should not have jurisdiction over distracted driving laws and that each individual state should decide how to combat distracted driving on its own.

We believe that distracted driving should not be a political issue.  Distracted driving is a life and death issue and this country – whether through the federal government or the state governments – must act accordingly.  We also believe that government can’t do it alone.  Each individual driver must make a commitment to pay attention to the road and avoid distracted driving if any government law or policy is going to be effective.

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