Joel Feldman Driving while texting or “intexicated”

For almost thirty years I have represented victims of those who were driving while intoxicated, and in death cases, the family members. Driving while intoxicated has resulted in so many deaths and injuries. Driving while intoxicated seemed to me to be the most flagrant form of distracted driving.

Perhaps no longer.

Driving while texting or “intexicated”  may soon rival driving while intoxicated as far as the carnage on our roads. “Intexicated” is now a term listed in the Urban Dictionary and as we all know texting  while driving has been outlawed in many states because it is just so dangerous.

Louisiana has enacted a law prohibiting texting while driving. A woman who jumped a curb while driving and texting was one of the first charged under the new law. She struck and seriously injured three teenagers. She is waiting trial and faces jail time. I unfortunately expect to see many more injuries and deaths related to driving while intexicated, or other types of distracted driving because people still believe they are immune and an accident cannot happen to them.

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