jenrgw How Would You Feel if Your Kid Was on This Bus?

Last week a Connecticut school bus driver was sentenced for allegedly sending more than a thousand text messages in one month while operating a school bus for special needs students.

The judge assigned to this case agreed to grant the school bus driver’s request for accelerated rehabilitation, a program for nonviolent first offenders in Connecticut.  Pursuant to this program, the bus driver did not plead guilty to a crime and was sentenced to two years probation. As long as she doesn’t commit a crime during those two years, the charges against her will be dismissed.  The judge also ordered the driver to surrender her license for two years, do 200 hours of community service and donate $500 to an autism related charity.

The Assistant State’s Attorney and many parents of children who rode this bus objected to the sentence and did not find it harsh enough.  What do you think? Would you feel differently if your child’s bus driver was texting and driving with your child on board the bus?

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