jenrgw How Education and Income May Impact Distracted Driving

The results of a new poll show that higher education levels and higher incomes may result in more distracted driving problems.  The poll commissioned by found that 40% of American drivers admit that distracted driving has caused them to swerve, slam on the brakes, get a ticket, almost have an accident or have an accident.

The percentage of people who drive dangerously, get a ticket or cause, or almost cause an accident, rises to 49% among college graduates and to 43% among people who earn $75,000 a year or more.

Why the Increase in Danger Among Well Educated and High Income Earners?

There is no hard and fast answer. Some researchers theorize that well educated and high income earners may have more “Type A” personalities and may have a higher volume of phone calls, texts and emails than other drivers. This leads these drivers to want to multitask rather than wait until they have stopped the car.  Furthermore, well educated and well paid people may feel themselves invincible and may overrate their driving skills.

What do you think? Does education and income play a role in distracted driving cases? Do you believe the results of this poll to be accurate? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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