jenrgw How Does Distracted Driving in the US Compare to Distracted Driving in Europe?

Is Distracted Driving an American Problem?

According to information from the CDC, distracted driving may be a bigger problem in the United States than in some European countries. A survey conducted in 2010 found that 25% of drivers in the U.S. admitted to talking on their cell phones while driving regularly or fairly often. In Europe, the Netherlands reported the highest rate of talking on cell phones with 21% of drivers saying that do it regularly or fairly often. While other countries, such as the United Kingdom, report just 3% of drivers engaging in this distracting activity. A survey about texting and driving produced similar results with 9% of U.S. drivers saying they do it regularly or fairly often and just 1% of U.K. drivers responding that way.

As lawmakers, public interest groups, and others continue to fight the distracted driving problem in the U.S., perhaps we should take a closer look at what is happening in the U.K. There is no requirement that we reinvent the wheel to prevent distracted driving accidents – just that we keep the car wheels in the direction they were meant to go and prevent injuries and death.

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