jenrgw Have You Seen the Glee Distracted Driving Episode?

Glee is often a topic of conversation, but perhaps never more so than with the season premiere earlier this month. At the end of last season, Quinn was in a rush to get to the wedding of an ex-boyfriend. As she drove to the wedding, she was texting. Her car and a truck collided and then screen went black leaving us wondering what happened to Quinn in the distracted driving accident.

Quinn survived the accident, but was not left uninjured. She returned to school in a wheelchair and much of the episode was devoted to Quinn sharing the dangers of distracted driving with others. Companies such as AT&T and Allstate sponsored commercials devoted to distracted driving awareness during the Glee distracted driving episode.

We hope that this approach through popular media will resonate with tweens, teens and adults and will make “real” people think twice about texting and driving in the future

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