jenrgw Has Your Child Been Playing Fugitive?

Many parents are unable to answer that question because their teenagers have carefully hidden this particular game from them.  If you are the parent of a teen, it is important to talk to your son or daughter and learn whether your child has been participating in this dangerous game.

What is Fugitive?

Fugitive generally starts when teens use social media such as Facebook, text messages or Twitter to organize a “game.”  The teens meet at the appointed spot and divide into teams.  The fugitives take off by foot and try to escape the other teens who are chasing them in the cars.  The teens in the cars reportedly jump in and out of moving cars in order to tag the fugitives.

The Game Has Proven Dangerous

Last week two teens from Washington were hospitalized after crashing their car during this “game.”  The potential distractions to the driver and the obvious dangers to all of the players should be enough to encourage parents and police to do their best to end this game before this form of distracted driving becomes deadly.

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