jenrgw Government Releases Distracted Driving Study Results

The results of the first of its kind national survey on texting and driving were released last week. According to the study, there was a 50% increase in cell phone related distracted driving activities (such as texting, web surfing and using a handheld cell phone) last year. The increase came despite additional states passing distracted driving laws.

The majority of survey respondents are in favor of distracted driving laws. Yet, a majority of respondents also admit to answering the phone while driving and do not believe that talking on the phone while driving impacts their driving abilities. Similarly, about 20% of all drivers admit to texting and driving. In the 21-24 year old age bracket that percentage is closer to 50%.

These statistics are important but will only help save lives if they are used to make changes in public awareness campaigns or state laws to help prevent future distracted driving crashes from occurring.

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