jenrgw Feldman Family Fights Distracted Driving

Lawmakers, law enforcers, community groups and families who have experienced the devastating effects of distracted driving all work toward a common goal. Together, these parties seek to end distracted driving and more importantly to end the fatalities and injuries that occur because of distracted driving.

Often it is community service groups and family members who lobby for the adoption of laws to prevent distracted driving and who raise public awareness about this important issue.

Last month, the Pennsylvania Association for Justice (PAJ) presented this year’s community service award to Joel Feldman, of Anapol Schwartz Weiss Cohan Feldman & Smalley in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Mr. Feldman, and his wife Dianne, lost their beloved daughter Casey in a 2009 New Jersey distracted driving accident. Since then they have worked tirelessly to help prevent future accidents.

We encourage you to watch the PAJ presentation to Mr. Feldman and to learn more about the difference Mr. Feldman and his family are making in the fight against distracted driving:

Feldman PAJ Award

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