jenrgw Driver May Have Been Distracted by Disabled Vehicle Prior to Crash

A driver who was distracted by a disabled vehicle on the side of Seneca Turnpike in New Harford, New York may have caused a three car crash that sent one woman to the hospital on Saturday November 19, 2011.

Police report that Kayla Ciccolella drove up to a line of stopped traffic, didn’t realize the traffic was stopped because she may have been looking at the disabled vehicle and rear ended a vehicle driven by Deborah Dougherty. The force of the crash then sent Ms. Dougherty’s vehicle into a vehicle driven by Gregory Booth.

Ms. Ciccolella was taken to an area hospital. Ms. Dougherty claimed that she felt pain in her knee but declined medical treatment at the accident scene. Ms. Ciccolella was cited for following too closely in this alleged New York distracted driving accident.

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