jenrgw Does Your Vehicle Offer Infotainment?

Gone are the days where the only “entertainment” available in your car was a radio, and if you were lucky, a cassette player.  Now, vehicle manufacturers are clamoring to offer as many entertainment options as they can in their new vehicles.

At the 2011 New York auto show, going on this week, Buick is debuting its IntelliLink system which integrates a person’s smartphone into the vehicle’s entertainment system.  It will allow drivers to use many features of their smartphones right through the vehicle’s operating system without touching a thing. The question remains – will it be safe?  It may keep a driver’s hands on the wheel, but will it still prove to be distracting?

Would you purchase a car because of this, or a similar, system?  Or, are you concerned about the potential for distracted driving accidents that these systems may create?

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