jenrgw Do College Kids Text and Drive?

Half of college students admit to texting while driving on the freeway, according to a recent study completed by researchers at University of California San Diego Medical Center. The study found that people who claim to be able to multitask well are the ones who are most likely to text and drive.

The study not only looked at the problem of distracted driving among college students, but also asked college students about possible solutions. Students were asked, for example, about potential penalties that might keep them from looking at their phone while driving. The study found that students may be less likely to text and drive if the first time ticket was $350 or more, if insurance companies refused to cover the cost of distracted driving accidents, or if a ticket would result in points on their licenses.

Do you think tougher penalties for distracted driving would be helpful? Please leave a comment and let us know which penalties you would like to see imposed for texting and driving violations.

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