jenrgw Do Cell Phone Bans Hurt Business?

It has been two years since the National Safety Council urged drivers to stop using cell phones while driving.  Since the National Safety Council’s call to action in January 2009, a lot has changed.  According to a recent survey about the results of the call to action, the National Safety Council found that approximately 20% of Fortune 500 companies have a complete ban on cell phones while driving for all employees.

Banning Cell Phones Does Not Hurt Productivity

Of the companies that have implemented a complete ban on using cell phones while driving, 50% have not been able to measure any change in productivity because their ban is too new and 40% have found that the ban on cell phone has either not decreased productivity at all.

Safety and productivity do not have to be mutually exclusive.  If your company does not yet ban the use of cell phones while driving then it is important to talk to your superiors about implementing such a policy for your own safety and for the good of the company.

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