jenrgw Distracted Driving on Rural Roads

Often, we think of distracted driving accidents as occurring in and around cities where people are hurrying from one place to another and where there is more congestion on the roads. However, distracted driving accidents may also occur in more rural areas.

Taking your eyes off the road, or your hands off the wheel, to make a phone call, send a text message, eat a sandwich, fix your hair, or change the radio can be dangerous in rural areas without traffic because:

• You could drive off the road.
• You may not notice a slower moving truck, car, or horse drawn vehicle ahead.
• Highways may not be divided and you may swerve into oncoming traffic.
• An animal or object could enter the road without you seeing it.

Do you often drive in rural areas? Would you take a pledge to end distracted driving? We encourage you to leave your pledge on our website and to encourage your friends to do the same so that, together, we can end distracted driving.

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