jenrgw Distracted Driving in the Suburbs – Can it be Stopped?

Last year, distracted driving pilot studies in the cities of Hartford, CT and Syracuse, NY were seen as a success. Hartford and Syracuse used high visibility police enforcement to back up laws that ban texting and driving to decrease the number of distracted driving accidents.

While it may be possible to put police officers at busy city intersections, can the same high visibility police enforcement work in suburban areas? Do suburban police forces have the staff necessary to conduct these types of enforcements? Are there are enough places to catch a significant number of people breaking the law or are drivers too spread out for high visibility police enforcement to work?

It seems that suburban areas do present challenges that urban areas do not present when it comes to enforcing distracted driving laws. While police enforcement is necessary in the suburbs, it may take more than police enforcement to significantly lower the number of distracted drivers because drivers may believe that their chances of getting caught are relatively low.

Make no mistake, however. Distracted driving in the suburbs can be every bit as dangerous as distracted driving in the city and it is important to find a way to stop it before one more life is lost.

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