jenrgw Could Your Car Cause You to Drive While Distracted?

The distractions facing drivers seem endless. As your cell phone announces missed calls and texts, as your GPS suddenly reroutes you to a road you don’t want to take, and as you attempt to grab lunch on your way to your next meeting, your focus on driving safely may be tested.

While most of us are aware of these risks, there is a new risk that is beginning to enter the market that is part of your car itself. Some new models will include apps or internet functions right on the dashboard. For example, some new BMWs will have instant access to Yelp reviews, Ford has some apps such as Pandora available, and Pioneer has developed AppRadio which can integrate iPhone apps on to a screen on your dashboard.

Even if these apps are technically hands free, drivers should be aware that they can be distracting. While your hands may remain on the wheel, your eyes may be diverted from the road and your attention may be diverted from the road.

Do you have apps on your car dashboard? How have they impacted your driving? Please leave a comment and let us know.

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