Joel Feldman Connecticut Legislature Seeks to Combat Distracted Driving

Connecticut State Legislature heard a number of proposed bills before the Transportation Committee on February 14th aimed at making the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. 

Some of the proposed ideas include stricter penalties or using cell phones while driving, ignition locks for those previously convicted of drunken driving, prohibition of open containers of alcohol inside vehicles, red light cameras, and confiscation of cell phones, even driver’s licenses, for those caught multiple times using their cell phone while operating a vehicle. 

With a population of barely 20,000 residents, New Canaan, CT.  saw two tragic accidents last year that could have been prevented if the drivers weren’t distracted, one involving a bicyclist and the other involving a man picking up mail from his mailbox.

During the hearing, Senator Edith Prague, spoke about a personal family tragedy.  Ms. Prague lost a niece, who was killed at the age of 21, the same age as Casey, because of the negligence of a drunk driver. 

If only a small fraction of these bills heard before the CT Legislature are passed, this is still a major victory for advocates of safer driving.

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