jenrgw Can You Use a Handheld Cell Phone at a Red Light in California?

Earlier this month, a California appeals court clarified a distracted driving issue that was causing confusion among some drivers. According to the court’s ruling, a driver who is stopped at a red light is driving and is, therefore, prohibited from using a handheld cell phone.
The driver in question was accused of dialing a phone number and holding the phone to his ear while stopped at red light in December 2009. The driver argued that because the car was not in motion he was not technically driving or violating the law. The First District Court of Appeal in San Francisco unanimously disagreed and found that a driver who “pauses momentarily while doing so in order to comply with the rules of the road” is driving and the distracted driving law does apply.
The driver’s attorney has told the media that he plans to appeal the decision. What do you think? Did the court make the right decision in this case?

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