jenrgw Can Individual Businesses Make a Difference in the Fight Against Distracted Driving?

The majority of states, including New Jersey, ban texting while driving and holding a cell phone while driving.  Pennsylvania does not.  That does not mean, however, that distracted driving is not a problem in Pennsylvania.  It is.

While state government continues to consider various anti distracted driving bills, some local groups are imposing their own bans.  For example, Willow Tree Hospice employees are not allowed to use technology while driving during work hours.  Other businesses have also imposed bans, but Willow Tree’s goes further than most.  This Southern Chester County hospice even bans hands-free devices, such as bluetooths because the cognitive distraction is the same whether or not the driver is holding a phone.

The policies being followed at Willow Tree are now being shared with local high schools, in the hope that students will take similar steps and pay attention to the road, rather than their phones.

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