jenrgw Can Cops End Distracted Driving in Philly?

In 2010, 17,194 tickets were issued in Philadelphia for using a handheld cell phone. In 2011, that number dropped to 11,001.

There is some debate over why the number of tickets dropped so substantially. Are people getting the message that distracted driving is dangerous and not using their cell phones while driving or are police not ticketing drivers who are using handheld cell phones?

Soon, this particular debate will no longer be important. There is a question in Pennsylvania over whether local bans on cell phone use are legal and, when a new state law takes effect later this month, using a handheld cell phone while driving in Philadelphia will once again be legal.

Thus, the fight to end distracted driving will not be won by law enforcement, but by individual drivers who pledge to end distracted driving. Will you take the pledge today and commit to not to using a handheld cell phone even if it is permitted in your city?

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