jenrgw Bug in the Car? Staying Calm is Important to Avoiding Distracted Driving Crash

You are doing everything right. Your cell phone is put away. You are waiting to have that cup of coffee until you reach you destination. You haven’t even changed the radio station since you got in the car. You are focused on driving safely.

Then you notice a bug in the car. Whether it is a harmless fly, a bumblebee, or a big spider, it distracts you from driving safely. These situations can, and do, come up suddenly. Thus, it is important to anticipate what might occur and how you might react.

The first thing that you should do is to remain calm. Then, pull over somewhere safe. Do not attempt to get a bug off of your leg or to get an insect out of the car while you are driving. The distraction could result in a serious crash.

Have you ever had a bug stuck in the car with you? How did you handle it? Please leave a tip for other readers who may remember it should they encounter a similar situation.

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