jenrgw Are There Too Many Loopholes in Vermont Distracted Driving Law?

Last June, a Vermont law went into effect that prohibits texting while driving.  Since then 64 people have been cited for violating the law.

Why Haven’t There Been More?

Surely, more than 64 people have actually been texting and driving in the 10 months since the law was passed, so why haven’t they been ticketed?  There are at least two probable reasons for the low number of tickets.

First, officers report having a hard time knowing if someone is texting and driving without being in the vehicle with them.  In Vermont, it is legal to dial a phone number while driving and it is hard for officer to ascertain whether someone is dialing or texting. 

Second, it is only against the law to text and drive while a vehicle is moving in Vermont.  It is not against the law to text and drive at a red light or stop sign. 

Whether these loopholes will be significant enough to cause Vermont to change its law remains to be seen.  In the meantime, as an individual driver you can make a pledge to end distracted driving and to drive safely even if that means going above and beyond the letter of the law.

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