jenrgw Are Texting Bans Working?

Most reasonable people agree that texting and driving is unsafe, that it causes accidents, and that it causes injuries and fatalities. 

That is why a report by the Highway Loss Data Institute has many people upset and concerned, including U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

The Highway Loss Data Institute Report claims that texting bans are not reducing accidents.  Secretary LaHood has called the report misleading and flawed.  Secretary LaHood said good laws that are enforced make a difference in saving lives.

While the Highway Loss Data Institute, the U.S. Government and other groups may disagree on the best way to prevent texting and driving, nobody has come out and said that texting and driving is safe.  In fact, each group has said that texting and driving is dangerous and that they want to focus on the best way to prevent distracted driving crashes.

The consistent message to take away from this is to put down your cell phone and not to text and drive, regardless of the law in your community.

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